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Reetta Hiltunen's Design Shakes Up the Perception of Art

Art Design

Art belongs to everyone, and therefore the perception of art must be changed. The concept for the brand Reetta Hiltunen ca 2015, pertaining her signature-logo, states that art continues to live-on through the surface patterns on designed products, enabling the public easily purchase and acquire. The synergy of art and design creates a touch of luxury and art narratives into daily life. The collections carry the Design from Finland-mark. Read more about Reetta Hiltunen's artistic background and view artworks HERE


The brand is promoted together with signature- and CanCan-logo illustrating scissor-dancers, reflecting Hiltunen's CanCan-ethos; All prints are possible. The logos branche out to create an art-oriented collection from textiles to products and services.


Hitunen's art is figurative and playful. Art is everywhere in her design and the service palette offered is vast. As a printmaker, she is known for her pattern designs and printmaking techniques. In addition to traditional art, Hiltusen's handprint can be seen in the pattern designs which reflect her artistic values, where she enjoys craftsmanship, challenging techniques and selects her materials meticulously. Prints created from artwork’s details are a lighter form of art than unique artworks, for example printed on a wallpaper. Different forms of art are also used in cultural well-being workshops. The goal of all activities is to bring art into the everyday life of the majority population. 

Art-oriented collection offers options for every budget. Printed fabrics, cards, games and traditional framed works are all part of the art inspired selection. The mission of the carefully thought product collection is to shake up the perception of art and bring it into everyday life in an interesting and fresh way.


Brand focuses on local, ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes within Finland, England and the Netherlands, priding in high standards and meticulous attention to detail. The textiles are digitally printed, which is one of the most environmentally friendly printing method in the textile industry. Additionally, special attention is paid to minimise waste materials and energy consumption. Certified dyes are Azo-free. Premium quality materials and manufacturing process guarantee long-lasting textiles.


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