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Helsinki 2.9.2021

Design from Finland

Design from Finland mark awarded to Reetta Hiltunen - printed art fabrics

Helsinki based Reetta Hiltunen design brand has been awarded the Design from Finland-mark. The symbol has been awarded to the whole art inspired fabric collection from interior to clothing textiles.

The synergy created between art and design is strongly showcased throughout  Hiltunen's art practise resulting in art inspired surface patterns. The textile design are created meticulously from carefully selected artworks and materials appreciating the ethical manufacturing process within England, Netherlands and Finland.

The Design from Finland mark of the Association for Finnish Work can be awarded to a product, product group or service that strongly represents Finnish design competence. The mark indicates that the company has invested in professional design and achieved business advantages through design. 

Products and services bearing the Design from Finland mark have been designed in Finland in a professional, responsible and user-oriented manner. The headquarters of Design from Finland companies is located in Finland. These companies have disclosed their products’ or services’ production chain structure and country of origin.

The Association for Finnish Work endeavours to increase the appreciation of Finnish work and to further the success of Finnish work. Our duty is to promote employment in Finland.



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